Love countrylife

With all your senses...

If you want to fall in love
with nature and our farmlife
you have to get to know
the landscape with all your senses.

Go out into nature and be mindful…

Listen to...
Your children,
while they laugh
because the fur
of the animals is so ticklish
Your landlord,
who talks Austrian dialect
The river,
the birds or
sometimes to a tractor.

Look at…
The animals, how they live,
sleep and eat
A bonfire
A cow, and see how we get the milk
The hay
The stars, and how bright they seem
The snow

The warmth of the sun
The warmth of the sauna in the wintertime
The fur of the animals
The grass

Taste and smell…
fresh organic milk
The hay scent
apple juice
homemade jam
The smell of bread
The herbs in the garden
The animals
The flowers
fresh water from our own spring