Feel comfortable

Our rooms and apartments are comfortably furnished. We have used natural building material. A lot of wood was used in the rooms.

Our aim was to create a homely and warm atmosphere with a healthy room climate.

In addition you can enjoy a marvellous view out of your room into the mountains.
You can take a deep breath of our fresh air. To keep it that way, we are a non-smoking house. All our rooms are equipped with a balcony, and cable TV.

Our guests sitting and dinning area consists of three rooms with an oven and a bar for drinks.

Our finnish sauna and whirlpool are frequently used by our guests, especially in winter.

Twice a week you can use it for free.
If you like to go each day – no problem.The small amount of 10.- EUR per use you can do so.

Sauna and Wellnessarea