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The Hocheggerhof

The Hocheggerhof has been in possession of our family for over a 100 years and has always been a dairy farm.

The new house was built in 1972 and since then, guests are welcome here.
The stable was built in 1960. Since 1995 we are convinced organic farmers.
We completely renovated our house in 2011 with new windows, upgraded insulation, rebuilt the bathrooms,
renewed the balcony and build 3 new apartments.

Our own products as milk and meat are organic and with no added ingredients.
This is what you profit from.


Our animals are kept in a traditional way and only fed with natural food.

On our farm you can eat meat without regrets.

Our own products:
Organic milk
Homemade organic butter
Homemade jam
Apple juice from our trees
Organic beef meat

Agriculture: organic dairy farm
We run our farm in an organic way.
In the morning and evening our cows are milked by Bauer Percht. A small amount of the milk is used in the house, the rest is sent to a dairy in Stainach.

Tiere am Bauernhof

Our animals on the farm

cows, horses, ponys, cats, goats, pigs, rabbits and chicken.